Hi Paseo Family.  Nothing can ever replace the joy and fellowship and power of corporate worship.  Having said that, I do believe God will bless this season of gathering around Jesus together in this format.  Take time to prepare your heart.  Treat this like a true worship experience and not just something you're watching.  Engage your heart and sing along.  Open your Bible, take notes, and follow along.  Let's worship God together!  


Thank you for the powerful message and meaningful music. We’re so blessed to be a part of Paseo’s family!
Thank you Shelton, Matt and Marrilee! So good to know we are all watching this "together." Blessings to all - love the Nelsons!
Blessings to all the Paseo family and thanks to those who labored to do this video service. Our Lord Jesus is doing a deep and new work among us. This a season of great opportunity for Christ's kingdom to grow!
We are so blessed to have all the people who committed to put together this video, music and sermon on line. It was all so encouraging. Jesus is our rock and fortress and for his name sake he will lead us and guide us. Ps. 31:3
Thank you Pastor Shelton and all those who made the morning service possible outside of church. What incredible words of encouragement for those of us who have loved ones who do not know the Lord yet. This sermon recharged our prayers ... Jesus is I AM! Powerful! We keep Paseo in our hearts as we move forward in this season of change. We missed the warm fellowship, the hugs and hill's and with each of you, pray with faith and trust in our Great I AM. God bless each of you. Tony & Sandy
Thank you so much for opening God's word and providing worship music for us. God bless you.
Thank you!

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