Hey!  Welcome!  If you are anything like us, and we think that you are, then you know that you are not perfect.  You know that this world is not perfect. Like us, you have felt hurt and shame and guilt affect your life and your relationships.  But, take heart, God wants to change all of that!  Through Jesus he wants to completely reshape your life, filling it with hope, love, and purpose.  At Paseo, we like to focus on two main things, believing they are at the heart of new life in Jesus: the Gospel and REALationships!  Join us this Sunday and jump onto what we call THE PASEO PATHWAY as we seek this new life in Jesus together!


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Vine Life 2019

Vine Life

Feb 22 February 22  |     |   
Paseo Kids P6


Feb 23 February 23  |     |   

Paseo Students MidWeek Hangout

Feb 26 February 26  |     |   
Paseo Kids GROW nights

Grow Night

Feb 28 February 28  |     |   
Vine Life 2019

Vine Life

Feb 29 February 29  |     |   
Ladle Fellowship Current

Ladle Fellowship

Mar 1 March 1  |     |   
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And so much more! We have a number of ministries, classes, and groups available for every person, at any stage of life. Every person has an opportunity for real spiritual growth and genuine community.