Worship Pastor Matt Boldt's Sabbatical

In 1997, our elders established a generous sabbatical program for our full time pastors. The sabbatical is intended to provide pastoral staff who have served for an extended period at our church with a gift of time away from normal responsibilities and locations. It allows them to pause and to pursue a plan of personal renewal and growth that combines study, travel, relaxation, education, and research. The sabbatical is not just a reward for longevity of service and commitment. More importantly, it is an opportunity for those who have given consistently of their teaching and life to rest and refill their own hearts and resources in order that they might continue and grow in effectively serving the Lord in this congregation.

Our Worship Pastor Matt has served us well for 9 years now, and he, Marrilee, Maisey, Avery and Logan will be taking their sabbatical July-August! They have been anticipating and planning for more than a year. What a great opportunity for them to refresh, renew, relax and be filled with Him. Pastor Matt will be sharing more about some of their plans in the coming weeks. Join us in praying for God's sabbath for the Boldt's. We'll look forward to their return, refreshed and more full of His grace.

Here's a copy of our Paseo del Rey Church Pastoral Sabbatical Policy