Taking Offense. Or Not.

Sunday, July 8, we began a new three-week message series, "Taking Offense. Or Not."

If we keep a running record of all the times we’ve been offended, it would fill several moleskin journals.

And crush us.

But there’s another way, the way of Jesus.

When offended, He choose not to take offense. To not become angry. To not seek some kind of payback. He opted not to nurse the wound.

Only God can give us the desire and the strength to not take offense when offended.

Last Sunday we dug into our bibles and saw two people in the same family who are both offended, and yet responded very differently. We called it simply, "Another Way."

This Sunday, July 15, we’ll think together about the biopsy report of taking offense. It won’t be pretty, but there is hope in one place, Jesus.

Finally, on Sunday, July 22 we’ll discover together Jesus’ cure from ugly offense-taking, "Humble Love."

Pray for Pastor Gary as he studies and opens God’s great word. Pray for yourself as well, for power and freedom from taking offense.

It’s God’s way to live.


Here are a few resources we encourage you to consider if you want to go further:

1. Be open and honest with someone in your growth group about your struggles in offense-taking. Pray together.

2. Pick up and read Christian Professor Dr. Everett Worthington Jr.’s helpful volume, Forgiving and Reconciling, and Pastor Tim Keller’s fine book, The Prodigal God.

3. Listen to Pastor Gary’s message series from last summer, Forgive for Good, online at www.paseodelrey.org

4. Connect with a fine Christian counselor, including The Soul Care House in San Diego, at www.soulcarehouse.com, 619-272-6485. (You can contact our church office for more trusted and recommended professional Christian counselors.)

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