Seeking God’s Next Pastor for Paseo del Rey

As you know, in September 2017, Pastor Gary and our Elders announced he will be transitioning from being our Lead Pastor of Paseo del Rey on Sunday, July 29, 2018, becoming our Missionary training Pastors in Africa with Pathways.

Transitioning from a pastor of 38 years to a new lead pastor takes wisdom, skill and lots of prayer.


We have hired NL Moore & Associates as our “Search Consultant” to help guide us through this process.

Nancy Moore’s Church Consultant firm is highly recommended, including by our EFCA West District, and has helped many churches, like ours, through this sort of transition.  As you know, Nancy’s group conducted a Congregational Assessment in October and November, using the “CAT.” More than 200 of you participated in the CAT, some 100 of you were part of a focus group and or interviews.  Based on your input, and indexed against over 1000 churches similar to ours, Nancy concluded that Paseo del Rey is “in the Transformational Zone”, meaning that it is a healthy and vital church.  

Nancy reports: “This is great news!  Churches in the Transformational Zone are sources of new meaning and purpose for their members.  These are churches we hope will expand, replicate or serve as mentors to other churches.  Paseo is in a position to make a greater kingdom impact and should explore ways to innovate or advance its ministries…”

Part of Nancy’s assignment has been to craft a profile of what the next Lead Pastor of Paseo del Rey might look like, based on your input, including:

  • the qualities and character we were telling her we value in a new Lead Pastor;
  • the non-negotiables we desire in a new Lead Pastor; 

  • the strengths, gifts and heart that will help us bear even more fruit in God’s future for us;

  • theological alignment with who we are.

This profile will be used in a variety of forms, such as describing the role to prospective candidates and providing detailed counsel to our Search Team and Elders as we interview and evaluate prospective candidates. 

We have now embarked on the Search effort for our next Lead Pastor, continuing our work with Nancy and her team to guide and counsel us through this process. 

God knows who this man is, and we believe God will guide our Elders, our Search team, and each of us to discover him, too. Nancy and her firm will do a nationwide search, prayerfully looking at, and talking with many potential candidates for us.

What are the next steps in our Search?  

We are currently assembling our Search Team to conduct “the work” of the Search. Michael Reeves, one of our Elders, and Ruthannn Reese, one of our members will co-lead our Search Team.

Currently the Search Team is being finalized.  We hope to introduce them to you in the next few weeks.  This team of people from our church will be doing the work of the search for us, as an extension of the Elders and the congregation.  In this role, they will:

  • Pray, a lot;

  • work together to prepare for the interview process;

  • craft the process to help us discern how well each potential candidate fits Paseo’s ideal candidate profile Doug mentioned earlier;

  • prayerfully read and consider the resumes of about 4-6 pastor potential candidates that NL Moore & Assoc. will provide to us, out of the many they will consider;

  • conduct a series of interviews via Skype with each of these potential candidates. 

  • then narrow this field of 4-6 to 2-3 possible candidates and invite each to come and visit our campus. These 2-3 potential candiates and perhaps their families will meet with our Search Team, and our Elder team. (We won’t be introducing any of these potential candidates to the congregation; introductions will wait until we’ve narrowed the selection to THE candidate.)

The search process will ultimately culminate in the presentation of the one candidate, who we believe is God’s man for Paseo, to the congregation for approval. The candidate and his family will likely be with us a week, and you’ll have a variety of opportunities to hear him preach and interact with him and his family.

How was the Search Team selected?  

The elders generally defined the composition of the Team to include members and regular attenders who are committed and regularly involved in the ministry of Paseo del Rey. We worked to select potential members that would provide a good cross-section across Paseo, in terms of age, gender and ethnicity.  Potential team members were ranked by each elder and the 12 people who cumulatively ranked the highest were selected to be contacted and asked to participate.  We are currently in the process of confirming these 12 are willing and able to participate. We anticipate our final team make-up will be 10 –12 in number.  

What Can You Do?

  • Pray, pray, pray. Ask God to guide us as He prepares our new Lead Pastor, and as He prepares us to welcome and follow God’s new pastor for us.

  • Some of you may know of someone you feel might be a good Potential Candidate to become Paseo del Rey’s next Lead Pastor. If you do, please ask them to send their resume directly to NL Moore & Associates. Check with our church office for NL Moore & Associates email address. 

The best news is that God already knows who God’s next great leader for Paseo is and we can rest confidently in Him knowing he is really the one guiding the entire search process.  Thank you for praying.

We will continue to keep communicating to you regularly as we move forward in the process!