Sacred Pathways

People approach and worship the God revealed in the Bible via a variety of sacred pathways.

Sunday we talked about some of the roads people take to know, see & savor God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Abraham met God and built altars at several places along his journies. David celebrated God with crazy, wild worship and beautiful songs and instruments. Mordecai walked the pathway of loving God through serving and caring for others.  Over and over again John met God in loud and colorful visions and dreams.

Gary Thomas has written a helpful book, Sacred Pathways, exploring some of the routes different people take to know, see & savor our God of the Bible. You may want to read his book to learn more about how you best grow in worshiping Him.  Here is a free helpful Sacred Pathways Study Guide.

We encourage you to take this Sacred Pathways Quiz. If you're currently in a Growth Group, you'll be discussing your discoveries this week.

We hope you'll discover more about your soul’s preferred paths to growing in knowing, seeing & savoring God.

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