Reading Habakkuk. And beyond.

As we study together our new friend Habakkuk ten Sunday mornings, we’re encouraging you to read the Prophet’s words every day for a couple of weeks, or more.

He wrote just three short chapters. You can read it in 5-6 minutes. Three chapters dealing with real issues. Feelings we share. Questions we ask. Confused. Baffled. "How Long, O Lord, How Long?" "You're doing what?"

And hope.

Habakkuk's for us, today.

Hab. 18th century russian icon (An 18th century Russian icon of Habakkuk)

I’ve found reading the same passage or book of the Bible in different versions and paraphrases helps me understand and apply it to my life better, and helps keep me from getting bored. Reading it from different angles brings fresh insights.

Do you have a couple of different translations you can read on alternate days? The New International Version (NIV) is my favorite. The Message Bible can be a helpful paraphrase. The English Standard Version (ESV) is good, and the New American Standard Bible (NASB) can shed interesting light. Of course the King James Version (KJV) will give some rich perspectives. Or how about reading Habakkuk one day in The Nouvelle Edition de Genève (NEG), the next day in J. B. Philips, the third day in the Contemporary English Version, and the next in the Nueva Versión Internacional?

All these versions of the bible (and 100 more!) are available for you to read free at 

Open God’s word every day. Read it in your hardback version, as you scroll on your laptop, or on your iPad, Kindle, Android or iPhone. Keep your finger in the text, whether it’s on a printed page or digital. Open up God's word, spread it out before your eyes, mind, and heart. Ask God to speak.

And here’s a promise for you from God, who always does what He says He’ll do:

"The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple." Psalm 119.130

Like Habakkuk, I'm sometimes in the dark. And I'm pretty simple most all the time.

"Lord, show me Your good ways. Lord, help me understand."

Read along every day these weeks in Habakkuk with us. Read in a rich variety of versions.

And read beyond.

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