Praise God!




Praise God!  Doctors see no need to do another CT scan because of his positive symptoms! He is still somewhat uncomfortable and wanting to go home - but is doing pretty well otherwise.  They will continue to monitor things today and we still need to hear the latest findings and plans from the ortho doctors.  We thank GOD for his apparent progress toward recovery.  And thank you for your prayers and ask that you would continue to pray for a smooth recovery.


I am soooo happy to hear of Trevor's recovery. He is a very brave little boy and he is so adorable. PTL for His goodness and He truly is the great physician.

BTW I am Erika's mom. We've never met.

Dear Olson Family,

I pray God continues to hold you in His Mighty Grip. And, I praise Him for Trevor's speedy recovery. Please know if you need anything, the Keeran Family is a phone call away.


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