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Pastor Gary in Rwanda

Pastor Gary is in Rwanda, Africa as part of Paseo del Rey’s three year vision to train a group of about 14 pastors how to study and teach God’s Word. Please be praying that the Holy Spirit would work through Gary as he leads this training, and for the pastors. He’ll return March 9.

Pastor Gary recently sent an update email that included this:

Thanks for your prayers for us as we began our Pathways Training days in Rwanda. This is the beginning of year two, our 4th of 9 trainings.

Great start to the work here in Rwanda. Sunday morning Zach and I headed with Esron and Kezia for a full, great day in Rehungeri. What a beautiful drive, and to minister in the church there (service went to after 2pm), but I guess that's what you get with Zach [another American pastor that Gary is partnering with], Gary and Esron [Rwandan pastor and leader of the Evangelical Free Church of Rwanda] preaching and several great choirs praising our Savior.

Our biggest joy there was to be again with the Disability Ministry that Immaculette (the dear wife of Pastor Theogene, of the pastors we are training) has begun. When Zach and I were there in August, they had about 7-10 disabled folks attending, this past Sunday more than twice the number. It is sad of course, yet hopeful in Jesus. Two or three told us "here we feel loved and human!" Praise Jesus, the one of all compassion. We have no idea how we might partner with them, as its still in its infancy, but even as is, God is using it greatly. Pray for Immaculette and her team and group.



Immaculette, Pastor Theogene and their 3 month old son and 2 year daughter