Paseo del Rey Church Assessment Tool (CAT) Summary

In October, more than 200 of you participated in our churchwide Paseo del Rey Church Assessment Tool (CAT), administred by our good friends, Nancy Moore and Associates.

The CAT is an expertly designed and well tested tool that has helped over 1300 churches like ours. Along with prayer that the Holy Spirit would guide us, several focus group conversations, interviews with staff and elders, the CAT helped us see ourselves more clearly and accurately, and discover together God's direction and His future for us! The CAT provides a unifying read-out on the overall health and vitality of the church, clear direction and priorities about where to head in the future, and insights into culture and specific opportunities that empower effective decision-making.

Map future Small

Here is a good summary of the results of Paseo del Rey's CAT results.

Our CAT revealed Paseo del Rey is a Transformational Church, meaning it is a healthy and vital congregation.

This is great news! Churches that are transformational are sources of new meaning and purpose for their members. These are the churches we hope will expand, replicate or serve as mentors to other churches. Paseo is in a position to make a greater kingdom impact and should explore ways to innovate or advance/progress its ministries while also seeking to provide greater clarity around its current mission, strategies and goals.

As we transition toward God's next Lead Pastor for Paseo del Rey, God will use you, your prayers, our Search Team, our Elders, Nancy Moore and Associates and the CAT to help us discover God's next Lead Pastor.