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Outflow - Just Another Evangelism Program?

If you have been around Paseo del Rey Church for very long, you have seen a few versions of how to do evangelism. Several years ago (2004), we did a video series in our Growth Groups called Contagious Christianity modeled after Bill Hybels' book of the same name. Many people picked up good tips for sharing their faith with others by being “contagious” as Christians.

A few years later (2007), we did another series called Just Walk Across the Room also by Bill Hybels. It, too, has much to offer as far as effective techniques to reach out to others and draw them into a friendship in which it is natural to share your faith.

A couple of years ago I preached on a Sunday regarding common myths we Christians have about evangelism and I shared a method developed by William Fay called Share Jesus Without Fear (even saying that makes me a bit afraid!).

There is no shortage of programs, methods and techniques to help us evangelize. Which one is best, most effective, with greatest results? It depends. The fact is, I don’t think that is the right question to be asking. I think the first question that I (and you) need to ask is, “Do I really care?” I don’t mean do I care about what is the best technique to share my faith with others; I mean do I really care about others?

All these methods are effective under these circumstances:

1) I believe that faith in Jesus is how a person can have an abundant and purposeful life now and forever.

2) I genuinely care enough about my unbelieving friend to share about my relationship with Jesus.

3) The Holy Spirit is working in my heart, and the heart of that person.

I learned this lesson in my early Christian life. I was talking with friends at the beach and ridiculing some other people that were walking on the beach handing out pamphlets about Jesus. “Who gets saved by having a stranger walk up to him out of the blue, talk about Jesus and hand them a pamphlet?” One of my friends responded, “I did last year while sitting on this beach. The guy seemed genuine about his love for Jesus and for me. I took the pamphlet, read it, and later that night gave my life to Jesus.”

“Oh,” I said.

The issue isn’t about a method, the issue is about whether I believe Jesus is really The Way, and that I care enough for my friends (or strangers!) to share that Way with them.

Do you believe and care enough to “outflow” to a lost and broken world?


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