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Michelle (Mason) and Nick Cannariato Prayer Update, Thursday, May 6, 6pm



Psalm 30: 11

The Saturday before Michelle's Wedding we laid to rest my best friend, a man known to my daughters their whole life simply as Uncle Tom.   He suffered from a long tough battle with Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS) and we watched him fight his battle with little hope here on earth of winning.  Each step down that path there was no turning back.  In so many ways he prepared us for what has occurred in the last couple weeks.  God has been so gracious to allow us each day to see Michelle improve.  Each day we are assured she will get better and improve, Hope is an awesome thing.  From the sorrows of Tom's passing to the joy of Michelle's Wedding (and lows as a Dad giving her away... chuckling... sorta...kinda...), to the lows of her stroke & diagnosis, the highs of seeing the Man that my Son In Law is, the lows of the Heart surgery and the highs of Family, Friends, Strangers all doing everything they can to support, uplift, pray and gird us, we are eternally grateful to God thru which our Hope lies.

We are joyful that Michelle and Nick get to go home together on Friday.  She is going to need quiet and time to rest and recover.  The past week in rehab has been hard on all of us that wish to visit and see her in person but she has gotten the rest she needs.  Therapy is exhausting and she is on such a short time frame to recover before the upcoming surgery.  Her progress is a miracle and to see her today would warm your heart.

We continue ask for prayer and help from all those that love her and Nick.  Prayer for no more strokes and time for healing before surgery.   Prayer for the Doctors in her treatment and for us and Nick and prayer for the upcoming surgery.  I am also asking that we all respect her need for quiet time and rest with her new husband this coming weekend and week before surgery.  Also, it goes without saying (but I am a Dad) if you do have a chance to see her and if you might be sick that you please stay away as we cannot risk her getting sick.   

Also, since Pastor Gary is away this weekend I am inviting everyone over to his house for a BBQ, feel free to come by anytime you wish... hehe...



Each day we are assured she will get better and improve, Hope is an awesome thing.

I've been praying for Michelle and Nick and the entire family. May God renew her strength and prepare her for the surgery and may He work through the surgeon's hands and heal her. Jesus loves you all so much and He is SO able to help you.
Isaiah 41:10,13.
Love in Christ,
Tyler, Texas

Dear Dr. Mason,
I am lifting your whole family up in prayer. As a Christian family, you have served the Lord well in giving everyone a splendid example of witnessing to God's tremendous grace and power.

Dr. Mason,
Even though I haven't met your family personally I feel like I know them sine we have been your patients for so long. I know that you are all so close and very tight knit. I know how proud you are of your girls. We are thinking of you all every day. Our prayers are with you all.
The Kennedy's

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