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Michelle (Mason) and Nick Cannariato Prayer Update, Sunday, April 25


Here is the video created for todays worship services.

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Hi Nick...
I think I've called you a couple times about intelrinc stuff (I'm here in SD). I play on the worship team at Maranatha and another band member (who is very good friends with your wife's parents), gave me the link to your video blog.

I hope it's ok, but I just posted this on our interlinc FB - I figured that a thousand youth leaders would know how to pray for you guys.

thanks for your example of surrender... and you truly are a visual example of "a peace that passes all understanding". I'm listening to "Hold My Heart" by Tenth Ave North right now and praying that for you right now.

Nick, you don't know me, but I am a good friend of Brian Thorn. He forwarded this video to me and others, to share your testimony with us. I just wanted you to know that I have been greatly encouraged and convicted by your attitude toward this trial--God IS using both you and Michelle for His glory, so have no doubt of that! He is so faithful. I am praying for you both and for your families. May His will be done in all things and may He strengthen you both as you rest in His unfailing love! (2 Cor. 12:9-10)

Nick and Michelle,
We continue to pray for you to our Great God who hears our prayers and answers them!

Michelle, continue your hard work on your road to recovery. I am praying specifically for your speech and language skills. Keep your faith strong, your hope firmly planted on Jesus, and your love as evidence of the One who loves you.

Nick and Michelle,

I just wanted you to know that there are a bunch of us here in Bremerton, WA that are praying for you and looking forward to God continuing the work that He has started in you. We love you and look forward to the reports of God's faithfulness in your journey.

Thank you for being such an example of what God intended a husband to be. You are only a 1 week husband, but you demonstrate such a maturity in your relationship with God. Every parent should want their youth kids to spend time with you as you lead our student ministries. We are so encouraged to have a man like you as our Youth Pastor. I hope my grown kids can catch a glimpse of what you spoke about today. Thanks so much. We love you and pray for you and Michelle and all your families, who have all been so affected by this trajedy that God is going to use for good. Dann and Wendy

Nick, Thank you for sharing with us old married people as well as young married people and not so married people; just what it means to LOVE. The depth of your feelings and commitment to Michelle is truly moving. Our prayers continue to the God of all healing and salvation. AMEN!

Wow! Nick thank you for taking the time to post this video! What an inspiration and testimony to Christ you and Michelle are through this very emotional and difficult time. Our family and MANY others you don't even know are praying and loving on you all! I will share this with everyone I have asked to pray for you. It has been such a witness to see your strength and faith throughout this journey. We love you all!

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