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Michelle (Mason) and Nick Cannariato Prayer Update, Saturday, May 1, 11am



Michelle had a tougher day on Friday, but she's still smiling on Saturday. She’s experiencing pain in her right side, which has hampered her important physical therapy. This pain may be caused by nerve “reconnection.”

This morning Michelle spelled out with her fingers three areas of prayer she would like from you:

1. That God would lessen the pain in her right side so she can continue the hard, good work of therapy.

2. For her husband Nick, that God’s mercy and strength would continue to fall upon him.

3. That each of us would understand and believe that Jesus loves us so much, just as Nick and Michelle have discovered.  They want all to understand the wonderful truth that Jesus died on the cross to pay the punishment for our sins so we can become friends with God and enjoy living for Him forever.

God’s word, the bible says, “God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting men’s sins against them.” (2 Corinthians 5.19.) All of us have goofed up and sinned. All of us are alienated from God by our sin and we can’t make amends, no matter how hard we try. But here’s the good news, God no longer holds our sins against us when we believe and trust in His Son’s life, death and resurrection for us.

If you’d like to know more about believing in Jesus, here’s a cool web site that talks about the choice to believe in Him.


Michelle, Nick, Tammy, Dan , Hannah,
Wow! What a shock to hear about what has been going on there for you all. Susie called me to let me know. I was so excited to hear about the wedding and saw some pictures on Susie's face book. Michelle you are beautiful. I have not seen you in so long, and it is so hard to believe that you are a married lady now. Nick you are so blessed to have this beautiful young woman. I wish I had the opportunity to have met you. I have several people praying for you up here in Montana and even in Cambodia, my sister and her family. You are so covered in prayer. I know first hand that God is faithful and have seen His people love and care for us. You guys in particular! I still think about your home made bread Tammy! Dan, I just had an eye exam and now about to turn 45, need reading glasses! I just want to say that all though we are 2,000 miles away, you are as close in my heart as if we had never been apart. You guys are such a special family and your friendship, love and support have always meant so much to us. We are here for you if there is anything we can do. Our prayers are what are the most effective and they are going out. My new husband prays for you all every night. I have shared about you all with him and it is so sweet the prayers that he says on your behalf! I will continure to read the updates, Susie shared that news with me as well, and keep praying. Love to you all.

Continuing in prayer for you, Michelle and Nick! I'm so glad that Rhiannon directed us here from Facebook so I can keep current on prayer requests. I need to encourage one of my star writing students, after all, right, Michelle? :)

Take care and know that we love you!!! :)

Mrs. Barrett :)

Every morning I come to the computer to see what God is accomplishing in your life! Michelle and Nick, you are such an encouragement to others in your love, faith and patience. I have the sweetest picture of you and Jules on my frig and I am constantly praying for your healing and thanking God for your friendship. Praying the pain will get behind you very soon. Love you to the moon and back!

Michelle, I thank our Lord for your progress, your family and the people that loves you. I thank Nick for being so caring to you. God is great and He will continue to do wonderful things in you. Let us not limit what God can do. Continuously praying, Al and Lou Mendoza

Love you and praying for you every day!

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future"
We love you Nick and Michelle, your lives give all the glory to God and are an inspiration for all.

What a strong couple you're, in this hard time your faith really show. Michelle, I'm sorry to hear about the pain, I'll keep praying for you,your husband and your mom and dad. Nick your faith is really strong in the Lord, as young guys, taught me things, and I'm an old person. Stay strong and we all pulling for you.

Once again, we love your beautiful smile! Sorry you've been experiencing pain. We will continue praying for healing, and specifically for your requests. It helps to know exactly what we can pray for! Love you!

Thanks for sharing your prayer requests with us. Your faith is so strong and GOD is so present in your life. Praise GOD for Nick and both of your families. You are a working miracle from GOD and we can see his work in you. Stay strong and you are loved so much.


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