Michelle (Mason) and Nick Cannariato Prayer Update, Friday, April 23, 7pm

Michelle is moving!

By the time you read this, Michelle should be settling into her new home—a rehab center where we hope she will spend about a month rehabilitating from the stroke she has suffered and getting stronger and stronger for her open heart surgery. Thank you Lord Jesus.

Because Michelle will be focusing all her energy on the intense and tiring rehab, the medical team feels at this time it will be best to limit visitors to just family. Thanks for understanding. When the doctors feel it would be best for Michelle to have visitors we will let you know.

Today she was able to continue to eat pureed food, and we hope they will be able to remove the helpful but irritating feeding tube Saturday. She continues to comprehend well.

Good news too on the insurance front! It’s a bit complicated but the good news is that Michelle will continue to be covered, albeit perhaps more expensively than her previous plan with her family.

Your surrounding Michelle, Nick, Tammy, Dan, Hannah and their families with your prayers, love, cards, notes, gifts, friendship is Christ in the flesh to them.


If you would like to give financially to Nick and Michelle, follow this link for more information.

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