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Keeping a Balanced View of God

I have been particularly convicted of my self-centeredness lately. No one huge event specifically but more of an awareness that EVERY thought of mine is completely centered on me, requiring me to wrestle it to the ground so that, at least occasionally, I act out with someone else in mind. (eg: note how many references to me in these first two sentences!)

While that offers some context for this blog post, it is a whole other topic and not the point I want to get to here.

Our Elder team has been meeting together early mornings and later evenings this week to pray and ask God for His direction for Paseo del Rey. Don’t worry, no crisis has driven us to our knees but instead, a desire to hear from Him as we continue to lead His Church.

On Monday we considered Psalm 139 as a basis for our prayer time.  It is a beautiful expression by King David as he examined himself and considered how God related to him.  Read that now... Go ahead!  It is twenty-four verses but I will wait right here for you before we continue on.

I come from a Catholic Church upbringing and with that, a propensity to see God as Judge, one that is not particularly pleased with my . . . well, at this particular time, my self-centeredness. Therefore, the first few times I read this psalm I was a bit nervous, do I really want to ask God to search me and then act on what He finds? It was like sitting as a kid outside of the principal’s office waiting to be called in.

But then I considered Jesus’ prayer for his disciples in John 17:6-19 and realized again that when he prayed then, he was also praying for me as he continues in verses 20-26.  Read that whole passage right now, don’t rush through it, I have got time and will wait here.  John 17:6-26

Can you FEEL how Jesus and the Father overflow with love for you and me as you read that?

If you suffer with that same kind of propensity to have an unbalanced view of an angry God looking down at you to weigh out your worth, then here is what I want you to do: because we see God’s love for us in John 17, go back and reread Psalm 139, and after every completed statement repeat this, “Because you, O Lord, love me” or “and yet you still love me,” whichever fits best.

Stay balanced, God is indeed a Righteous Judge and will bring forth judgement upon those that turn away from Him. However, he forgives those that run to the open arms of His Son, Jesus Christ, and lavishes His Everlasting Love upon them.

May you be blessed by His love this week!

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