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It was good for Mary to ponder

Mary had a lot on her mind. And heart.

Her head had to be spinning. Confusing and wonderful; surreal and “huh?”

A young teen, in love with Joseph, she had kept herself a virgin. And yet now, suddenly, she was pregnant.

Matthew, one of our gospel writers reminds us of what may have rolled around in Mary’s brain.

All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet (750 years earlier!): “The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel.” Matthew 1.22-23

Matthew 1.22-23

Matthew helps us non-Hebrew speakers, translating the Hebrew word Immanuel: “God with us.”

I don’t think anyone ever called Him Immanuel, His name was Jesus, but Immanuel is what this baby was, and is—God with us.

Mary PonderingYes Mary, as mind-boggling as this all seems, this is God growing inside you.

That baby sleeping in your lap, that’s God napping.

And yes Mary, that is God eating your chicken soup.

Jesus is God with us.


There is nobody stronger than God. He holds everything together everywhere all the time. So if He’s with you, no fears!

Smart? Nobody comes close to being as smart as God. He’s got everything everywhere all the time figured out before you even thought about it. So, Immanuel means you live in the sure confidence that He always knows best.

Awesome? He spoke a word and the world was created. Imagine the hope and certainty He fills us when He speaks a sentence into our hearts.

I’ve got such a need to be loved. When God is with me--the God who didn’t spare His own Son--I’m loved more than I ever dared hope.

It was good for Mary to ponder who this child was. And is.

It’ll be smart for us to join her. Smartest thing we could do.

So take a break from the wrapping, baking, traffic, and clicking next-day delivery on Amazon.

Take time to mull over who this child was.

God came near, and loved us, and died to pay the penalty for all our foolishness and sin. And He stays near, always. He never leaves us to our perils alone.

God is with us.


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