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Have mercy on foolish and sinful people

rembrandt-prodigal-sonNo one would have ever expected such magnanimous generosity from the dad toward the good-for-nothing, likely repeat-offender son.

As we've been studying Rebel and The Rightous from Luke 15, I’ve been thinking about how merciful the father is.

No probation for rebels like me. No “proving myself” for runaways like me.

Mercy where there should have been wrath.

"Welcome home" when there should have been condemnation.




And as our Heavenly Father pours His mercy upon us wayward sons and daughters, we become more merciful. More generous toward those who irritate us, sin against us, let us down.

His mercy to us is fuel for our mercy toward others.

That’s why Jesus says

Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.

Luke 6.36

So we rebels who have been lavished in the Father’s mercy, how are we doing being more and more like Him?

A few questions to evaluate and stimulate our (my, and yours) mercy-giving:

Would you like others to remember your failings as long as your remember theirs?

Do you like it when others are sure they know your motives?

How does it feel when people assume the worst about you?

What if everyone else took things as personally as you do?

How are you doing really trying to understand where someone else might be coming from?

Do you get mistaken a lot for being like Barnabas, the son of encouragement?

Have mercy on foolish and sinful people.

Like our Father has upon you.


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