God's Shift for Fred

Sometimes God brings shifts into our lives.

For Abram it's "get up and go." For Joseph and Mary it was an unexpected pregnancy and then a move to Africa. For Paul it was "don't go that way, come this way."

You may have heard of a shift in our good Youth Leader, Fred Dominguez' life.Fred pic 

We're sad, because he has been having such a fruitful ministry in our students' lives. 


Yet we're happy, because He's taking the gospel into the work place. 


And he's fully committed to continuing to minister within his church, Paseo del Rey at the same time!

We love Fred, and fully support him as he follows Jesus.

Here are the letters to the parents of our students that Fred and our church Elders released October 9th after Fred shared the news with the students:

Fred's letter to parents:

October 9, 2013

Dear Parents and Students of “Unveiled",

It is with great expectation and excitement that I am writing to you to inform you of a transition that is upcoming concerning my role with “Unveiled Students".

14 months ago I came on staff at Paseo del Rey Church to work with our middle and high school students. It has been the experience of a lifetime and more rewarding than I could have ever dreamed. God’s grace has been poured on our young generation! From all-nighters, camps and retreats, awesome Wednesday nights, to students accepting Jesus and being baptized, I am not exaggerating when I say that God has blown away my expectations. All the while, my love and affection for the students of Paseo del Rey and their families has exploded. I love every single one of you and am forever grateful for your partnership in ministry.

About 2 weeks ago, the Chula Vista Police Department extended me an offer to become a Peace Officer, beginning Academy October 28 and joining the department April 2014. After praying and seeking Jesus through it all, it seemed clear that I was to accept the city’s offer.

This is not, however, a farewell letter. I am not leaving Paseo del Rey Church. I am not leaving “Unveiled Students”, and most of all I am not losing my heart and passion for Jesus and this young generation. Instead, I am remaining on staff with Paseo for 10 hours/week, focusing on Wednesday Nights and on developing our great and growing volunteer staff team.

I began by saying that it was with great expectation that I write this to you. In no way does this transition mean that our students will not be cared for, loved on, taught, encouraged, and challenged toward Jesus. The Bible will be opened. Songs will be sung to Jesus. Students will grow and bond together. Our Belize trip is still happening. All-nighters are still happening. Summer camp is still on the calendar. I am expecting even more of God’s grace than what we have experienced over the last year. Jesus is on the move, and the best is yet to come!

I am excited for the new season that “Unveiled Students” is entering. Please pray for us, for me, our volunteer staff team, our students, and for those that don’t yet know Jesus. We are still going to Win, Build, and Equip the next generation! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

In Jesus,

Fred Dominguez

And our Pastors and Elders' letter to parents:

October 9, 2013

Dear Parents,

We’re glad your young people are part of Paseo del Rey’s youth ministry!

Fred Dominguez, our student ministry leader and his volunteer team are doing a great job challenging and encouraging and loving our students in Jesus. We love Fred and his huge heart for Jesus and students.

Recently, Fred has felt led by God to accept a job offer as a Chula Vista Peace Officer! We know this may surprise some of you. However, Fred majored in Criminal Justice at California Baptist University, and has desired to be a Christian policeman.

Fred also has a deep commitment to Paseo del Rey Church and our middle school and high school students. He’s not leaving us!

He’ll begin the 6 month Police Academy on October 28, then begin his work as a Chula Vista policeman. He’ll also continue to work as part of our staff 10 hours per week, focusing mostly on Wednesday night ministry with the students and leading our great volunteer team. We’ll want to expand that volunteer team, and are also considering the possibility of hiring another person to help Fred as he leads our ministry to students.

Please pray for Fred as he enters this new, exciting phase of his life, and continues loving and equipping our students. Pray too for our students, volunteer team, new volunteer team members and God’s good plans for days to come. And pray for students to invite students, and for them to believe in Jesus.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Fred directly, or talk with one of our pastors or elders.

In His Grace,

Your Paseo del Rey Elders and Pastors

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