Do I Need to Bring a Bible?


A few months ago, our church received a generous donation that allowed us to purchase new NIV Bibles for use in the Worship Center.  You probably know that, when you come to church on Sundays, those Bibles can be found underneath the seat in front of you.  That sounds like something a flight attendant would say... but I digress...


Here's the question... Since those Bibles are available at church, do I need to bring my own Bible on Sundays?  Here's our answer to that... YES!

A major reason we make Bibles available in the Worship Center is because we want everyone, even guests who don't know to bring a Bible, to be able to study the Scripture passage with us during the sermon.  And, of course, if you forget your own Bible, feel free to use one that we've provided.  However, we would highly recommend that you not be dependent upon using one of those Bibles.  Why?  Because we believe that there are many benefits to owning, reading, studying and even taking notes in your own Bibe.

Here's a blog post that I came across that helps raise some relevant issues and questions related to whether or not we need to bring our own Bibles to church: 5 Reasons to Take Your Bible to Church.

The article covers some great things for us all to think through and be intentional about. The bottom line is this... whether your Bible is paper or digital, we recommend bringing your own.

But what about you?  What do you think?  Do you bring your own Bible to church?  Why or why not?  What are the benefits of using your own?  Do you bring a paper edition Bible or do you use a digital copy on your phone or other mobile device?  If a digital version, does using your mobile device ever distract you from worship?

RESOURCE: Check for a great online Bible that is also available as an app for your mobile device.


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Yes, I bring my own Bible when I come to church. I carry it in a zipper case so I also have paper and a pen.
On another note - my Bible In A Year that I read every day does not include February 29 so I read Philippians that was discussed a couple of weeks ago in your blog. Short and sweet - good reading!

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