Continue to Pray for Trevor Olson!


Trevor will be kept overnight for observation and is doing pretty well considering.  He is on pain medication and sleeping. The family is thankful the Lord protected him from worse and greatly appreciates your prayers.


Little man Trevor is in our prayers!

We are praying about Trevor and your family. It is so frighti;ng when something happens to your children. God is watching over each one of them.
Love, Trish

Praying for you all. As parents, I'm sure you and Amy feel helpless and would wish to absorb his pain upon yourselves but are trusting the Lord and bombarding heaven with Help! prayers.

Our Dearest Friends,
We just noticed this on fb. We are praying for you our dear ones and for Trevor's complete recovery... and yours. Remember what is TRUE... "He is our Shepherd, He gathers us in His arms, and carries us close to His heart, and gently leads us with our young... Is 40:11.

We so wish we could be present with you. Would you like us to call you? We can call your home phone on our skype. It's OK if now is not a good time.

We love you guys and are with you in prayer. Give each other, Kaylin and Trevor a hug from us.

love, Mark and Bonnie

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