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Being Jesus' Hands & Feet this Christmas!


This Christmas Paseo del Rey Church is the hands and feet of Jesus by loving on older foster kids associated with the Chula Vista' Trolley Trestle's Transitional Center. Since Sunday, December 1 you've taken over 140 envelopes, each containing a name of a foster youth, and purchased gifts for them! The gifts will be given out at Trolley Trestle's upcoming Christmas party.

This Sunday, December 15, is the deadline to return your gifts to church for the Adopt-a-Foster Youth Outreach.

If you would still like to participate but did not pick up an envelope the past few Sundays, you can still participate by purchasing a $20-$30 gift card from the following list of stores:

Target, Walmart, Albertsons, Bath and Body Works, or gas cards

Please wrap the gift card in a box and return it to the Christmas Outreach tables on the patios this Sunday, December 15th.

All gifts will need to be checked in at these tables to insure that all gifts are labeled and accounted for, then we will place them under our Christmas tree until they are delivered to the South Bay Community Services for distribution at their Christmas party. Questions? Email us at or call Pat or Brad Weiss at 472-9626.

Thank you for being the Hands and Feet of Jesus!

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