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Always OUTFLOWing!

What is OUTFLOW?
OUTFLOW is natural, everyday, practical outreach. OUTFLOW arises from our relationship with God… as we follow Jesus, we are filled with the Holy Spirit and with God’s love, power and blessings. OUTFLOW continues as those gifts from God overflow from our lives to touch and impact our family, friends, community, and world. As a church, and as individuals, we are asking God to be "Always OUTFLOWing" His love and the Good News of Jesus Christ through us (Romans 15:13)!

What about Fall Fest?
In past years, one of the ways that we’ve OUTFLOWed was by hosting one, big, all-hands-on-deck Fall Fest event here at church on Halloween. This year, we believe that God is calling us to arrange many smaller, intentional, relationship-building OUTFLOW opportunities out there in our community!

How is that going to happen?
We would love to see this person-to-person OUTFLOWing happen through you! Please be thinking, praying and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to you WHO God wants you to be a blessing to and HOW He is calling you to demonstrate His love. Be ready to be available to, invest in, care for, listen to, pray for and share with people... we know God WILL work in and through you!

OK! I’m ready for God to work through me in the lives of those around me! What might this OUTFLOW look in my life?

Some of you will follow God’s lead on your own, some of you might want to team up with a few others, or perhaps your whole Growth Group will work together to bless others!

Here are just a few ideas to jumpstart your thinking:
• Host a “Mini Fall Fest” in your driveway on Halloween
• Mow your neighbor’s lawn (or every lawn on the cul-de-sac!)
• Encourage co-workers by helping them with a task or project
• Host, arrange and/or fund the team/office/class party
• When someone shares about life, offer to pray for them on the spot
• Be a good listener for a family member who is hurting
• Listen for needs and find ways to help meet them!
• Show up to your 8am class with coffee and donuts for everyone
• Be the best trick-or-treat house… be generous - candy, toys, etc.
• Know and care for the staff people at the places you frequent
• Bless a struggling family or single mom with a gas/grocery gift card
• Invite a family from your child’s class over for dessert and games
• Go OUTFLOW! Demonstrate God’s love in natural, practical ways!

Some of you will want to plan something for October 31st. However, others of you might choose a day and time that better fits the way you will be OUTFLOWing God’s love.

We suggest that you bless others by showing them God’s love with no strings attached! Then, if they ask you why you are OUTFLOWing, it’s a great opportunity to explain that God loves them, or that you serve because Jesus does, or that your church wants to be a blessing in the community, or that you just wanted to get to know them more!

Interested in borrowing one of the Fall Fest carnival games or some face paints? Contact Jessica in the church office. Also, we may have limited funds available to support your creative OUTFLOW efforts. Contact Pastor Derek for more information.

Ask the Holy Spirit to OUTFLOW God’s love through you. Be obedient. Leave the rest to God. You care and share… God saves!


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