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Adoption Update

The past couple weeks we’ve shared with you about a good local church that has asked us to consider adopting them. (You can pick up an “Adoption Handout” in our west entryway or find it right here.)

Part of our discovering God’s will is carefully taking our time communicating and prayerfully considering each others theology, vision, history, values, chemistry, possible fit, and more.

Not surprisingly, a bump has come as we carefully go down this good road, and we realize that more homework is needed. Both churches think it is wise to temporarily postpone our scheduled joint leadership retreat of June 29-30 as we work to sort out these important matters.

Winding Road












Thanks for yourcontinued prayers as we seek God’s best for both of our churches. We will keep you informed. Please feel free to talk with one of our elders or pastors if you have a question, insight, concern, or word of support.

(Our Elders: John Dickinson, Federico Dominguez, Dave Geerdes, Eric Kayla, Doug Whitmore, Dave Yumen)

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