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Accidental Pharisees

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I'm reading my friend Pastor Larry Osborne's new book Accidental Pharisees

I'm reading it with a group of friends, a great way to get more out of pretty much any read.

And Larry hits me right between the eyes.

Despite our best intentions and desires to honor God, we can "unwittingly end up pursuing an overzealous model of faith that sabotages the word of the Lord we think we're serving."

Accidental Phrarisees.

Unaligned spiritual passion that fails to line up with God's good word.

And so back to His word I go, to discover what (accidental or otherwise) Pharisees in Jesus' day did, and what I may need to repent of today. (Thanks too, for Jared Wilson, one of the blog writers I sometimes read):

What Do (accidental, or intentional) Pharisees Do?

They’re always looking to take offense (Matthew 15:12, Luke 14:1).

They watch in order to nitpick (Matthew 12:2, Matthew 15.2).

They leap to unnecessary and often absurd conclusions in order to see those they oppose in the worst light (Matthew 9:34).

They like conspiracy theories (Matthew 12:14, Mark 3:6).

They seek to “win” with malicious tests (Matthew 16:1, 19:3, 22:15).

They seek to “win” by parsing words (Matthew 22:15, Mark 12:13, Luke 6:7, 11:53).

They grumble (Luke 5:30, 15:2).

You may need to join me in repenting, accidental, or otherwise Pharisees.

And ask Jesus to put His heart inside you, one that seeks ways to offer grace. Never neglecting truth, put always remembering love.

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

Jesus, John 13.34-35

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