A note from Pastor Derek


A note from Pastor Derek...

He is resting well in ICU tonight... they kept him here for observation. Docs feel that further bleeding near his brain is unlikely but they are monitoring closely. Scans and x-rays to this point reveal only minor/small pelvic fractures that should not cause any long-term problems. While it's hard not to be scared, we are trusting our good and mighty God and overflowing with thankfulness that Trevor wasn't hurt worse. Throughout the evening he has been responsive, able to answer questions, etc. He even smiled for the "pictures" the x-ray tech was taking =) and watched some of Toy Story 1 in his room.

Thanks so much for all your love and prayers! Please continue to pray for Trevor and please also pray for Amy, Kaylin and I as we process and deal with all of this. 


PS - Trevor cannot have visitors in ICU... so we just ask for your prayers. Thanks!


I knew that God's hand was on Trevor when he survived the fall. I am filled with such joy to picture that beautiful little boy laughing and smiling and watching cartoons. All glory to God our Father for hearing our church's loud cry of prayer for Trevor and you and Amy.

We are scared, grieved, crying out to God, clinging to Him, and encouraged by you all and Mr Trev! Wheezy got well and so will Trev. :)

Just heard about God's latest miracle in your life. WOW! We will be praying for all of you and especially for Trevors unremarkable (a medical term)recovery. God is so good. We love you all. Marie & Paul

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