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A Cruel Kindergarchy

 If you’re a parent, you’re busy!

But some of us parents (and grandparents, and aunts and uncles too) have become little more than indentured servants in our (foolish) fear that a few wrong moves will wreck our kids. And (arrogantly) assuming that our right moves will insure Jesus-loving-got-it-together kids.

Some of us have gone crazy busy and are living under a cruel kindergarchy—the rule or domination of children! 

Helicopter parents. Lawn Mover parents. Child-obsessed parents.

Joseph Epstein first coined this phrase Kindergarchy in his 2008 article, The Kindergarchy: Every Child a Dauphin. Epstein, Jewish by faith, taught at Northwestern for 28 years and is a brilliant scholar. He writes,

Under Kindergarchy, all arrangements are centered on children: their schooling, their lessons, their predilections, their care and feeding and general high maintenance—children are the name of the game. Every child a dauphin.

You may not agree with everything in his article—do we ever?—but I hope it will stimulate you.

I’m all for loving our kids and raising them in the grace of Jesus. But I hope you’ll relax. You will parent imperfectly. And your children will make their own, imperfect choices. And God will work His mysterious work and use it all to advance His Kingdom of grace.

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