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"We'd like Paseo del Rey to consider adopting our church."

“We’d like Paseo del Rey to consider adopting our church.”

That’s the essence of the beginning of a long conversation that began in January with the fine pastor of a good local church. For many months, he and his elders had been thinking and praying about asking us to consider “adopting” them.

He and Pastors Gary and Derek have met, talked and prayed many times about this idea. Our elders have been talking, listening, studying, and praying. We’ve met with their good elders, who are likewise seeking God. They have visited our church. A team of four of us has spent three long sessions with their pastor understanding his theology, character, philosophy and background.

As we seek God, the thought that is always before us is: “How might Paseo del Rey’s adopting this church further His Kingdom? Would we be more fruitful together than separately?” We and their leaders are excited about how this possible adoption might help us take the Gospel of Jesus to the next generation, the next culture, the next country, and our next door neighbor.

The two churches have jointly hired a consultant who has helped hundreds of churches consider and walk through church adoptions. 

Because of the sensitive nature of this situation, we don’t think it’s wise to say everything yet. So for now, here are a few summary points:

1. No final decisions have been made. Our elders are in the mid-exploratory stages.

2. If the elders of both churches feel God’s hand clearly in this, we’ll go public and recommend each of our churches affirm the adoption.

3. Both churches would then have “town meetings” to share the elders' vision and to hear from you; together listening, dialoguing, praying and answering all the questions we can. We’ll also have opportunities for the two churches to meet one another.

4. We would then seek God’s confirmation for the adoption by vote of members of each church.

5. If God leads us to adopt this church, they will become part of Paseo del Rey Church. Their church will dissolve, but not their people, history and hearts for the Lord. They will no longer meet at their current campus, but will come join us as brothers and sisters in our local church. Our name will not change, our vision will not change, our staff will not change. Pastor Gary will continue as our lead pastor. Pastors Matt, Derek and Gin will continue in their roles. The good pastor of this church will be added to our staff in an associate pastor role. The assets of this joining church will become our assets and help cover the costs of our new associate pastor.

6. We feel at this stage in seeking God's heart, it’s best to keep the name of the church confidential. If God moves us forward, we'll let you know and you will love these brothers and sisters and our new associate pastor.

Because we believe that God hears, and that God always answers, we are sharing this information with you so you will pray to Him. Ask God for His vision, clarity, and direction for your leaders. We want only what will bring Him greater glory! We will report back to you in mid-July.


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