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Archives for April 2012

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How long, O Lord?

You can trudge your way through the small stuff. Home Depot doesn't have the fitting you need. Again. Nobody helps with the dishes. Again. It's ear infections all around. Again. There's more costs than cash. Again. It's hard, even discouraging, but you can slog your way through. But when it's all the time, or when it's life-alternating, or when you don't see even the dim...

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Reading Habakkuk. And beyond.

As we study together our new friend Habakkuk ten Sunday mornings, we're encouraging you to read the Prophet's words every day for a couple of weeks, or more. He wrote just three short chapters. You can read it in 5-6 minutes. Three chapters dealing with real issues. Feelings we share. Questions we ask. Confused. Baffled. "How Long, O Lord, How Long?" "You're doing what?" ...

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Kehilat Ariel

This past Sunday we were blessed to have guests from Kehilat Ariel Messianic Synagogue!...

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Patience is not popular

If you read your bible like I do, sometimes it seems that things happened in a swoosh. Boom. Garden. Fall. Abraham. Joseph. Moses. Leviticus. (OK, it goes slow here.) Land of promise. Kings (good and not so good). Exile. Prophets. Restoration. John the Baptist. Jesus. But between books, chapters, and even sentences, there were some really, really long seasons. Weeks. And ...

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God, a Servant Who Suffers?

The only bible Jesus ever read in His days on earth was what we Christians call the "Old Testament." ...And those Scriptures pointed toward Jesus, they told about Him and His coming suffering, resurrection, and coming glory! In the Old Testament!...

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The Same Love by Paul Baloche

The past few weeks we have sung a new song called "The Same Love" by Paul Baloche. Today his new album by the same name has been released on iTunes. This album is a must for your worship music collection. Paul Baloche is a master songwriter and is gifted at combining singable, memorable music with powerful words of truth! You may also recognize the song "My Hope." Click ...

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