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Archives for January 2012

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Foreigners in Post-Christian Culture

America: a post-Christian culture? The Bible is no longer revered and valued. Christian faith practices are seen as narrow and uncool, yet other religions are okay!...

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Why I hate Religion, but Love Jesus

By now, I'm sure you've all seen this video on YouTube. When I last checked it has reached15,480,258hits, and has been the topic of many conversations and Facebook posts. So, what are other people saying? What do you think? What is this video's definition of religion and does it differ from yours? What can we learn from this? Let's talk about it. ...

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Thinking more about my neighbor

In loving God with everything in me (Jesus' first command), I discover the freedom and ability to love my neighbors as I love myself (His second command), Mark 12.28-34. As I open myself to Him above all, I (surprisingly?) discover He fills my heart, my mind, my soul, my body with more than my self-love could have ever imagined. Satisfied. "More than enough," we sing. My...

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Don't Conform. Be Transformed!

As we begin the New Year do you feel like your spiritual life is blasé? Is your walk with God kind of sputtering? Do you miss that new-believer closeness that you once had with the Father through Jesus? Do you feel like your faith is dull and dry or that God is distant?...

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Making the Most of 2012 and Beyond!

In 2012, and in our whole lives, we must not waste time or miss opportunities, but rather take advantage of time and opportunities, using them for God's glory and His purposes!...

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