IMPORTANT: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Sunday gatherings are currently cancelled.  However, click here to read our Regathering Plan.


Dear Church Family,

We miss you!  We miss all the things that we love to do together.  We know that many of you are wondering when and how we will begin to gather again. On that front, we have some exciting news, so keep reading! 

In early June, the Governor put forth some new guidelines that allow churches to resume meeting together with some significant restrictions including social distancing and sanitizing guidelines as well as limiting indoor attendance to 25% of building capacity.  With these new guidelines now in place, a team from our church has been working on developing recommendations as to how best to resume gathering together in compliance with the current guidelines and more importantly, in a way that honors God, protects the most vulnerable in our body and allows us to continue to be a light to our community.

So, while the State’s guidelines may technically allow something, as we resume meeting together, we want to be careful and cautious and not take unnecessary risks in the name of expediency.  We must also consider practical issues when it comes to resuming meeting together including cleaning and disinfecting, the need for social distancing as well as how to ensure a safe and meaningful experience when we gather, particularly on Sunday morning.

In light of all of this, the Elders are excited to share the following schedule such that we can begin to cautiously and safely gather again as family following social distancing and enhanced cleaning procedure guidelines.

  • At the end of June, we are offering three Discipleship Classes that will meet on campus. Click here to find out more about these classes and to sign up.
  • We also want to offer our growth groups, support groups, and Bible studies the opportunity to meet on campus.  We will be implementing a reservation system so that you can reserve a space for your meeting.

Finally, we are excited to announce that on Sunday, July 12we are planning 2 outdoor worship services on that morning.  Details are still being worked out, but just the thought of being together as a family, even socially distanced, is something to get excited about and look forward to.  The State’s guidelines for churches encourage meeting outdoors, but currently limit these gatherings to a maximum of 100 people, so we will be instituting a reservation system for these 2 services.  We will lay out socially-distanced spots for seating.  It will be Bring Your Own Seat.  For those of you that are not comfortable with meeting in-person (we completely understand!) or are unable to attend, we plan to video record the service.  Please stay tuned for further information on this exciting event!  CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT!

Also, our plan is to continue with online worship through July 5 and then re-evaluate our plans for worship services after July 12, remaining flexible to adjust to changing conditions and regulations.

Our Regathering Team is continuing to work out the details and procedures for all of this, so please continue to pray for the team that God will give them wisdom to discern God’s path for Paseo.

Finally, we recognize that we could do more when it comes to gathering together, but, the Elders desire to do what’s best for our unique situation. So, please have a heart for this challenging moment we find ourselves in.  We need grace for each other, perhaps now, more than ever.  As we endeavor to love and care for our City, we want to go the extra mile when it comes to protection against spreading this terrible virus.

Please feel free to contact any of us if you have questions or concerns.

We love you Paseo!

Paseo Del Rey Church Elders
Matt Boldt   
John Dickinson  
Fred Dominguez  
David Geerdes   
Jeremiah Heath  
Shelton Markham  
Carl Miller  
Michael Reeves  
Doug Whitmore 
Bob Yamada